Purchasing and Creating Your Website

Welcome to the Canada Web Store Guide. In this section, we will be guiding you through the process of purchasing a website. This guide will explain what you need before you start, what the different packages are, and what happens once your order is placed.

Let's Begin! - What You Need Before You Order

As excited as you may be to purchase your website, there are a few things you need to have before you begin. As explained in the other sections of this guide, the Domain name and Hosting is essential for your website. Your domain will allow people to access your website, using it as a URL or looking you up on a search engine like Google or Yahoo. The Web hosting is what stores your website, and without it, you website cannot be displayed online.

In terms of the website itself, you (the client) will need to provide us with all the necessary information to be put on the website, including logos, images, and information. If needed, Canada Web Store can create a custom package for you, and provide content, images, logo, and similar website-related content. Email us for a custom quote, or if you have any aditional questions.

Step 2 - Choosing and Ordering Your Website

It is up to the user whether they want to purchase the website first, and then take care of all the things stated above, or vice versa. Once that is taken care of, you will choose which website package you want to purchase. Every package differs in terms of amount of pages allowed, what type of layout you get, and how simple or complex the website is. Here at Canada Web Store, we have 4 Website Packages available: Economy, Standard, Premium, and eCommerce

  • Economy Website Package

    This is the basic package, intended for small or personal, simple websites and minimal traffic. This package is perfect for users looking for something basic and quick.
    - 1 HTML Page
    - Basic templates to choose from
    - Generic Header
    - Company info and Contact info with map on page
    - 1 stock photo per website

  • Standard Website Package

    The basic website package is perfect for users in need of a simple, clean information site about them or their business. This is our most popular package for regular users.
    - Up to 5 HTML Pages
    - Standard layout design or template
    - PHP Contact form and Google Map included
    - Basic Header, drop down menu links
    - 1 stock photo per page (if provided by client)

  • Premium Website Package

    This package is available for users who need a high-quality website with a good amount of content and visuals. Users with established businesses will find this package perfect.
    - Up to 10 HTML Pages
    - Unique Website Design
    - PHP Contact form and Google Map included
    - Animated Links/Header
    - Unlimited number of stock photos (if provided by client)

  • eCommerce Package

    The eCommerce package is geared towards users who want to be able to sell products online using a simple interface and easy to use, but powerful features.
    - Fully customized eCommerce Solution
    - Database-driven dynamic website
    - Additional Modules, Flash Design upon request
    - Unique Layout
    - Maintenance Service Available

Based on the list above, click on the link below and select the Website Package you wish to purchase. On the Website Package selection page, you are also able to view several samples of each package, to give you a better idea of what you will be getting. Simply click on "View Samples" beside the buy now button. This is perfect or those unsure of what to expect. Once you chose what you want to purchase, go through the simple step-by-step purchasing process. It will take you no longer than 5 minutes.

That's it, you are now ready to register a website package! The next section will cover the process of creating the actual website, time and deadlines, and maintenance.


The Process, Deadlines, and Maintenance

Once the registration process is complete, you will receive a confirmation email from us. In this email, we will ask you to provide your domain information, your hosting information (if registered with another provider), and the content. For standard websites, the average time of completion is 30 days after your order has been places. Your content has to be provided within the first 15 days for this deadline to be met. For custom quoted websites, the time of completion will depend on the scope of the project.

Likewise, if we are tasked with creating and obtaining the content for you, the time of completion will also change based on the amount of information that needs to be out up. Your personal information will always be held confidential.

Canada Web Store can also provide you website maintenance. For those who think they will require changes and updates, and do not have the time or knowledge to do so, a maintenance package will be the perfect solution. Contact us or submit a support ticket to inquire or request a maintenance package. One time maintenance is also available.

Alright, you should be fully set up and ready to go! We hope you enjoy our service, and have found this guide helpful. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please contact us by heading over to our support page or email us at info@CanadaWebStore.com.