Personal Email Hosting Registration Guide

Welcome to the Canada Web Store Guide. In this section, we will be guiding you through the process of registering your own personal domain and setting up a customized email address. This process consists of 3 basic steps.
  • Registering a Domain Name (
  • Purchasing an Email Hosting Package
  • Logging in and Learning to Use Your Email

Let's Begin! - Registering Your Domain

The first step to your very own customized Email Address is to register a domain name. If you already own a domain name, then proceed to the next section.

A domain name is essential for your custom emails, as it is how people will recognize who you are. For example, our domain name is, and one of our personalized emails is "info@CanadaWebStore.Com".

To begin this process, click on the link below to register your domain name. We strongly suggest you read through this whole guide before you make a purchase, as the next section of the guide will cover how to register an Email Hosting Package, what it is, and which Package is right for you.

Note: After you register your Domain Name, you will be able to select and register your Hosting Package in the same area. If you are unsure of what to select, simply refer back to this guide, and read on.


Step 2 - Registering an Email Hosting Package

Now that you have your Domain Name registered and ready to go, it's time to decide which Email Hosting Package to use. An Email Hosting Package is what runs your emails. The package determines how many different Email Addresses you can use, how much storage space you have for emails and attachments, and how much data you can send per month. Here at Canada Web Store, we have 3 Email Packages available: Basic, Standard, and Premium.

  • Basic Email Hosting

    This is the basic package, intended for a single user, who does not use the email often, but requires a customized email.
    - Allows 1 Email Address
    - Up to 50 MB of Storage Space
    - Roughly 100 Email Sending limit a month

  • Standard Email Hosting

    This is the standard package, intended for up to 5 users, who will use their emails frequently. This is the package most customers will chose, as it offers a good balance of features and affordability.
    - Allows 5 Email Address
    - Up to 500 MB of Storage Space
    - Roughly 700 Email Sending limit a month

  • Premium Email Hosting

    This is the premium package, intended for users who need many email addresses and use them very often.
    - Allows 10 Email Address
    - Up to 1500 MB of Storage Space
    - Roughly 2000 Email Sending limit a month

Based on the list above, click on the link below and select the Email Hosting Package you wish to register. By now, you should have a pretty good idea of what you will be getting. The section after this will cover how to login into your account and create your email address(es), modify your settings, and set up your emails in Outlook.


Final Step - Configuring and Using Your Email(s)

Once the registration process is complete, your account will be immediately activated after the first payment is made. You are now ready to set up your personalized email address!

To set up your email account, you need to access cPanel. cPanel is a software designed to take advantage of all the features of your hosting account, while making your browsing experience simple.

  • 1. To log into cPanel, simply type in "" and replace yourdomain with whatever domain you purchased/own.
  • 2. When the page loads, you will be asked to log in. Use the same information you registered your hosting account with.
  • 3. Once the correct login information is entered, cPanel will load in. You will see all of the options to maintain and customize your hosting account. Find the "Email Accounts" icon/link and click on it.
  • 4. You will see the option to create an email address at the top, underneath the website header. Below that, is the list of created email addresses. If this is your first email address, that list will be empty. Fill out the email creation form.
That's it! You have created your very own personalized email account.

You now have several options as to how you can check your email. The easiest method is using Webmail. Webmail lets you check your emails by logging in online, similar to how Hotmail and Gmail do it. Simply enter "" in your browser, and log in using your full email address as the username and whatever password you set when you created that email. Once you log in, you can chose one of 3 webmail clients (we recommend using Horde). Click on the client and you will be taken to the Webmail interface.

The second method is to use 3rd party software on your PC to receive your emails. The most popular software is Microsoft Outlook. To configure Outlook to use your new email address, head back into cPanel, click on Email Accounts, find the email account you wish to set up and click the "Configure Mail Client" link. All the instructions and information to do this will be on that page.

Alright, you should be fully set up and ready to go! We hope you enjoy our service, and have found this guide helpful. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please contact us by heading over to our support page or email us at